Release Notes

April 23, 2024

  • Launch of the first gaming quest on BGG, the Paws Arena game quest.

  • Launch of the Plethora game and gaming quests.

  • Added new support for BOOM rewards and GHOST rewards.

  • Wallet support for GHOST token.

  • Added support for Airdrop Points and new leaderboards for every game.

April 12, 2024

  • Initial launch of the BOOM Gaming Guild onboarding phase.

  • Enable users to verify emails they used to sign up for the airdrop.

  • Enable users to verify phone numbers.

  • Initial quests to have the user set a username and profile picture.

  • Initial leaderboard for all guild members according to Guild XP.

March 13, 2024

  • Various bug fixed and upgrades to the World canisters in preparation for BOOM Gaming Guild launch

  • Updating code related to BOOM Gaming Guild quests and action history functionality

  • Backend support for daily quests

February 12, 2024

  • Major upgrades to support the launch of Gaming Guilds

  • We now store tx history of all actions per user in the World Protocol

  • Games can leverage this history to create quests or validate that a player has a certain history of actions

  • Added actionStartTimestamp that lets devs specify a timestamp in the future when an Action will be enabled

  • Added UpdateAction outcome type and DecrementActionCount outcome to allow for Actions that result in the resetting of another the action to allow the player to call it again

  • Improvements and refactors to code logic when executing an Action in World canisters

February 1, 2024

  • Refactor World canisters to use ICRC-1 interface for ICP transaction validation since ICP Ledger now supports ICRC-1.

  • Bug fixes for getAllUserEntities function

January 29, 2024

  • Bug fixes for all World canisters and upgrade World Deployer to use latest version

  • Bug fix for Game Launcher website frontend canister

January 10, 2024

  • Bug fix for World Hub canister to allow outdated cached data in World Hub to be cleared through an SNS proposal

December 14, 2023

  • Major upgrade for on-chain multiplayer to include features for compound actions, multiple action arguments, and more flexible Configs.

  • World canisters are now controlled by the World Hub and upgraded automatically through SNS proposals.

  • Changes to Unity Template to enable it to handle onchain multiplayer features

  • Improved ActionConstraints to encompass multiple game mechanics and systems

  • Better support for data migration across canister upgrades

November 7, 2023

  • Major refactor and code changes for the On-Chain Leaderboard Roadmap Milestone

  • Learn more about the On-Chain Leaderboard feature here

  • Updates to Actions and Entities to support storing game data in a UserNode canister associated with the World canister ID. This canister is referred to as a "WorldNode" canister.

  • Deprecation of the PaymentHub in favor of storing NFTs and Tokens directly in the World canister and doing payments directly in the World canister.

  • Refactor of ActionPlugins to be converted to ActionConstraints instead. NFT/ICRC/ICP transfers are handled using ActionConstraints now. This simplifies the development experience and streamlines the processAction() function in the World canister to only take two parameters.

  • Updates to the BOOM EXT V2 standard to support NFT transaction history so that BOOM DAO game projects can validate NFT transfers in-game.

  • Updates to the ICRC-3 standard to support ICRC transaction history so that BOOM DAO game projects can validate ICRC token transfers in-game.

September 30, 2023

  • Major refactor of the World Protocol to give game developers more flexibility in how they define their data structures in the protocol database.

  • Actions have been renamed to ActionStates.

  • ActionConfigs and EntityConfigs have been renamed to Actions and Configs respectively.

  • Entity now contains a Hashmap of fields and values instead of the static fields previously (eg. quantity, attribute, expiration). This allows for devs to define "fields" in the Hashmap with any name and any value. Entity can hold much more flexible data as a result, and almost anything can be defined as an Entity.

  • EntityConfig is renamed to Config and now contains a Hashmap of fields and values. This enables Configs to be much more flexible to contain data for anything. This is also why they were renamed, because devs can use Configs to define metadata for anything, not just Entities.

  • Developers can opt-in to upgrade their World canisters to the latest BOOM DAO version in the "Upgrade World" tab when managing a World on the Game Launcher website. This is the first ever developer tooling that helps devs upgrade their self-custodial smart contracts.

  • ICP.NET library fixes for the new query signatures that DFINITY introduced. As well as support for composite queries.

  • Fixes and improvements to the Unity Template including making it simpler to use and loading NFTs and ICRC tokens by specifying them in Configs instead of hardcoding them.

  • Upgrades to the custom Candid UI that BOOM DAO has built to enable game developers to edit their World canisters easily. New improvements allow devs to edit their Actions and Configs directly on the Candid UI and push the edits to the World canister immediately.

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