Welcome to the new paradigm of gaming.

We're a collective of builders on the Internet Computer blockchain dedicated to building foundational infrastructure for on-chain games and autonomous worlds. We are committed to demonstrating the unique capabilities of the Internet Computer blockchain for the on-chain gaming vertical. All our gaming infrastructure code is open-sourced on our Github and documented here.

Four areas of focus:

  1. Game Launcher: A one-stop game platform with a suite of powerful tools including 1-click game uploads to canisters, testing fake tokens/NFTs in a test environment, deploying World canisters with configurable rules, and a discovery page for gamers to find on-chain games to play.

  2. World Engine: A comprehensive, on-chain game server that provides a universal game-centric database, modular game logic, composable data standards, and customizable permissions for cross-game transactions.

  3. Templates: Streamlined, ready-to-deploy templates designed for seamless integration of Unity game clients and World canisters to the World Engine, facilitating rapid game development.

  4. Examples: A carefully curated selection of canister code examples designed to serve as a reference for game developers, helping them build game features.

Connect with Us!

If you are a game developer looking to use BOOM DAO tooling for your game, please reach out to us in the BOOM DAO Discord. We would love to have a call with you to know the needs of your game and assist you in setting up your World canister for the first time. We will even do all the work to set it up for you, so all you have to worry about is writing your Unity code :)

Watch the tutorial video:

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